Symphonic and Large Ensembles

Universe Symphony (1974-93), as realized and completed by Larry Austin, based on Charles Ives's sketches for his unfinished "Universe Symphony" (1911-51), expanded symphony orchestra: 4343/4441/perc (21)/hrp/pno (2)/cel/org(opt)/str (52 players minimum, 60 nominal, 140 ideal); PC; cd: CR, CRC 2205, 1994; 37'; cd; col legno, LC07989, 2003. Program Notes, Recording

Improvisations for Orchestra and Jazz Soloists (1961): 3 soloists (tpt or alt sax; perc set, db)/2222/4331/tmp/perc (2)/pno (cel)/str (optional version without vns); MJQ; 14'; video cassette: "Leonard Bernstein's Young People's Concerts with the New York Philharmonic: Jazz in the Concert Hall," The Leonard Bernstein Society, c/o W.T.S., Inc., 121 Prestige Park Circle, East Hartford, CT 06108. Recording

Sinfonia Concertante: A Mozartean Episode (1986), chamber orchestra, tape narrative: fl, ob, cl, bsn, hn, tpt, timp, hrp, pno, 2 vn, va, vc, db, tape; ACE; 17'; cd: V. 1, CDCMs, CR, CRC2029, 1988. Program Notes

Open Style for Orchestra with Piano Soloist (1965): pno soloist/3242/4331/perc (4)/str; GM; 6'.

Catharsis: Open Style for One Large and One Small Improvisation Ensemble, Tape, and Conductor (1965): large ens = sym orch or sym wind ens / small ens = 3 - 7 wnd, brass, perc, str, and/or kybd; GM; 9'.

Life Pulse Prelude (1974-84), 20-member percussion orchestra or, optionally, live plus recorded percussionists (1996); based on sketches for percussion orchestra music from Ives's unfinished "Universe Symphony"; PC; 24'; cd: V. 12, CDCMs, CR, CRC 2133, 1992. Program Notes, Recording

Clarini! (1985), 20-member tpt choir; ACE; 4'. Program Notes

Protoforms: Fractals for 'Cello Choir and Computer Band (1981), 13 vcs, tape; LA; 12'. Recording

Quadrants: Event/Complex No. 1 (1972), symphonic wind ensemble: 2 piccs, 6 fls (4 w/picc), 16 cls, 1 alt cl, 2 bass cls, 1 contra-alt cl, 2 bn, 1 contrabsn, 8 tpts, 4 hns, 6 tbns, 4 tubas, 4 db, 4 perc, tape; PC; 9'. Recording

Agape Set (1971), jazz orchestra: 5 saxs, 5 tpts, 4 trbns, perc set, pno, db; ACE; 30'.

In Memoriam JFK (1964), symphonic wind ensemble: picc, 2 fls, Eb cl, 6 cls, bass cl, 2 alt saxs, tnr sax, bari sax, 2 obs, Eng hn, 2 bns, 6 tpts, 4 hns, euph, 3 tbns, tuba, 7 perc; LA; 10'.

Fantasy on a Theme by Berg (1960), jazz orchestra: 5 saxs, 5 tpts, 4 trbns, perc set, pno, db; LA; 10'.

Chamber Ensembles

Ottuplo! (1998-2000), four inter-episodes for real and virtual (ADAT) string quartet: Segnali e risposti; Ottacordi e ottavi; Presto e libero; Otta-dia, scampanio; commissioned by the Smith Quartet; LAM; duration, 11:50. Program Notes, Recording

RomaDue: Sounds and Movements for Improvisation Ensemble, Dancers, and Tape (1965, rev., 1997), commissioned by the New York New Music and Dance Ensemble, Esther Lamneck, director; LA; 10. Program Notes.

Variations...beyond Pierrot (1993-95), a sound-play, sopr, fl/picc, cl/bass cl, vn, vc, pno, electronics/tape; LA; 30'. Program Notes, Recording

Beachcombers (1983), live-electronic music for four musicians, tape, DL; 20'-30' cd: V. 9, CDCMs, CR, CRC 2078, 1991. Program Notes, Recording

 art is self-alteration is Cage is... (1982), db quartet (optional db ensemble in multiples of 4 or db soloist with tape); LA; 10'-15'; cd: "A Chance Operation: The John Cage Tribute," Koch International Classics, 3-7238-2 Y6x2, 1993. Program Notes, Recording

Canadian Coastlines: Canonic Fractals for Musicians and Computer Band (1981), eight musicians: tape plus optional combinations of voices, strs, wnds, perc, kybds; ACE; 10'; cd: V. 19, CDCMs, CR, CRC 2219. Program Notes, Recording

Second Fantasy on Ives's Universe Symphony--The Heavens (1976), cl, va, pno/cel, perc, tape; ACE; 17'. Program Notes

First Fantasy on Ives's Universe Symphony--The Earth (1975), double brass quintet (4 tpts, 2 hns, 4 trbns, 2 tubas), narrator, tape; ACE; 17'. Program Notes

Tableaux Vivants (1973, rev. 1981), 4-6 musicians (optional combinations of strs, wnds, perc, kybds, voices), tape, slides; LA; 13'. Program Notes

Quartet in Open Style (1964), 2 vns, va, vc; ACE; 20'.

Continuum: Open Style for a Number of Instruments (1964): optional combinations of fl/alt fl, ob/Eng hn, bn/cbn, tpt/Flglhn, db, perc, hpschd/cel; ACE; 12'. Program Notes

A Broken Consort (1962), fl, cl, tpt, hn, pno, cb, dr set; MJQ; 13'.

Homecoming: A Cantata for Soprano and Jazz Quintet, tpt, tnr sax, pno, db, dr set (1958-9); LA; 10'.

The Maze: A Theater Piece in Open Style for Three Percussionists, Dancer, Tapes, Machines, and Projections (1966); LA; 31'.

Roma: A Theater Piece in Open Style for Improvisation Ensemble and Tape (1965): optional combinations of 3 - 5 wnd, brass, perc, str, kybrd; LA; 16'. Program Notes

Soloists with Tape/Electronics

ReduxThree (2010-2011), for solo, duo, quartet, or octet of clarinets and computer music with video by David Stout; commissioned by F. Gerard Errante and D. Gause, with premiere performance at Clarinet Fest 2011 on August 6, 2011, in Northridge, California; duration, 8:00. Program Notes

ReduxTwo (2008), for piano and octophonic computer music; commissioned by pianist Joseph Kubera with premiere performance on February 12, 2009, Roulette Intermedium, New York City, LAM; duration, 7:30. Program Notes

Redux (2007), for violin and octophonic computer music; commissioned by violinist Patricia Strange,with premiere performance on May 14, 2007, Recital Hall, University of Maryland, Baltimore County; LAM; duration, 7:30. Program Notes

Les Flûtes de Pan: Hommage à Debussy (2006), for flute (piccolo), octophonic computer music, and dancers (optional); commissioned by flutist Jacqueline Martelle with premiere performance on March 15, 2007, at the Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York, LAM, duration, 7:30. Program Notes

Adagio: Convolutions on a Theme by Mozart (2005), for clarinet and computer; commissioned and first performed by clarinetist F. Gerard Errante, premiere performance on October 27, 2005, as part of the 26th Annual New Music & Art Festival, presented by the MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio., LAM, duration, 10:00. Program Notes

Tableaux: Convolutions on a Theme (2003), for alto saxophone and octophonic computer music; commissioned and first performed by saxophonist Stephen Duke in concert at the Recital Hall, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Feb. 10, 2004; LAM, duration, 16:00. Program Notes

Threnos for 1, 2, 4, or 8 bass clarinets, real (live) and virtual (computer/ADAT) (2001-2002), with octophonic computer music; commissioned and premiered by bass clarinetist Michael Lowenstern; in an Interpretations Series concert at Merkin Concert Hall, New York, NY, Jan. 30, 2003; LAM,duration, 7:30. Program Notes, Recording

¡Tárogató! (1998), for tárogató (opt. cl, sop sax, or bass cl), dancer(s), and octophonic computer music on tape (opt. stereo tape); commissioned by the New York New Music and Dance Ensemble, Esther Lamneck, director; LA, 11. Program Notes, Recording .

Singing!...the music of my own time (1996-98), a sound-portrait of singer Thomas Buckner with octophonic computer music on ADAT, interpreted as a sound-play, in three parts, by Thomas Buckner, baritone voice; commissioned by Thomas Buckner; LA; duration, 25:00. Program Notes, Recording.

BluesAx (1995), saxophonist (sop/alt saxs), tape/electronics; Magisterium Prize, Bourges, 1996; LA; duration, 19'; cd: Cultures Electroniques 9, GMEB, Mnemosyne Musicque Media, CD278060/61, 1997. Program Notes, Recording.

Quadrants: Event/Complex No. 4 (1972, rev. 1994), for pianist and Yamaha Disclavier piano and tape/electronics; ACE; 9'; cd: V. 19, CDCMs, CR, CRC 2219, 1994. Program Notes, Recording

AccidentsTwo: Sound Projections for Piano with Computer Music (1992), pianist and tape/electronics; LA; 20'; cd: V. 19, CDCMs, CR, CRC 2219, 1994. Program Notes, Recording

La Barbara: The Name/The Sounds/The Music (1991), voice with computer music, LA; 23'; cd: V. 13, CDCMs, CR, CRC 2166, 1993. Program Notes, Recording

Montage: Themes and Variations for Violin and Computer Music on Tape (1985), Semar Editore, Rome; 13'; cd: V. 10, CDCMs, CR, CRC 2110, 1991. Program Notes, Recording

Sonata Concertante (1983-4), pno, tape, BP; 11'; cd: Vol. 1, CDCMs, CR, CRC 2029, 1988. Program Notes, Recording

Catalogo Sonoro--'Narcisso' (1978), va, tape; ACE; 10'

Quadrants: Event/Complex Nos. 11 (1977), 10 (1976), 9 (1974), 8, 7, 6, 4, 3 (1973), performed singly or in any combination, but always with Quadrants tape, respectively, db, trbn, perc, va, fl, cl, vc, pno, vn; ACE; 9'.

Prelude and Postlude to Plastic Surgery (1971), a film and theatre piece: pno/electronic kybd, film, tape; LA; 15'.

Accidents (1967), a theater piece for electronically prepared pno; LA; 20'; cd: V. 19, CDCMs, CR, CRC 2219, 1994; lp: DL, Source Records, SR13, 1968. Program Notes, Recording

Bass: A Theater Piece in Open Style for String Bass, Player, Tape, and Film (1966); LA; 11'.

Changes: Open Style for Trombone and Tape (1965); LA; 10'.

Solo/Duo Instrumental

Violet's Invention (1988), pno; LA; 4'. Program Notes

Tango Violento (1984), pno; LA; 3'.

Charley's Cornet (1976), crnt, pno; PC; 5'. Recording

Current (1964), cl, pno; LA; 10'. Recording 

Piano Set in Open Style (1964); LA; 10'.  Recording

Piano Variations (1960); MJQ; 10'. Recording


Transmission Two: The Great Excursion (1989-90), in seven episodes: chorus, vc, pno/kbd, perc, tape; LA; 1 hr., 47 min.; cd: V. 15, CDCMs, CR, CRC2190, 1994. Program Notes, Recording

Quadrants: Event/Complex No. 2 (1972), chorus, tape; LA; 9'.

Euphonia 2344: An Intermezzo in Five Scenes (1988), satb quartet, tape; Thomas Holliday, librettist; LA; 45'.

Euphonia: A Tale of the Future (1981-82), opera in two acts based on Hector Berlioz's tale of the "Twenty-fifth Evening" from his "Evenings with the Orchestra"; Thomas Holliday, librettist; principals: sop, mezzo-sop, contralto, ten, bass; satb chorus; chamber orchestra: 1111/111/timp/perc/pno/hrp/str (54321), tape; LA; 2 hours.

Catalogo Voce (1979), a mini-opera for bass-baritone, tape, slides; ACE; 11'.

Ceremony (1980), sop or ten, org; LA;15'.

Solo Tape Compositions

Williams [re]Mix[ed] (1997-2000), for octophonic computer music system (ADAT), based on John Cage's Williams Mix (1951-53), for eight magnetic tapes: The Theme Restored; Six Short Variations: A-city sounds, B-country sounds, C-electronic sounds, D-manually produced sounds, E-wind produced sounds, F-small sounds; The Nth Realization; commissioned by the International Institute for Electroacoustic Music, Bourges, France, with sponsorship and support from the John Cage Trust and C. F. Peters Corporation; LAM, duration, 19 to 23 minutes. Program Notes

John Explains, octophonic computer music (2007); LAM, duration: 9:46. Program Notes

Djuro's Tree (1997) , octophonic computer music, ADAT, commissioned and published by Borik Press; 12:30. Program Notes

Shin-Edo: CityscapeSet (1994-96)--Ikebukuro/Sunshine City - Rikugien Garden- Kunitachi morning- "Tamagawa-josui desu." - Shinjuku/Ginza; BP; 20'. Program Notes Recording.

¡Rompido! (1993): GraniteHarp - ThunderStone - SteleMusic; BP; 25'; cd: V. 24, CDCMs, CR, 1996. Program Notes, Recording

SoundPoemSet: Pauline Oliveros/Jerry Hunt/Morton Subotnick/David Tudor (1990-91); BP; 19; cd: V. 16, CDCMs, CR, CRC2193, 1994. Program Notes

Ludus Fractalis (1984), video tape composition; BP; 11'.Program Notes

*Stars (1982); GM; 8'; audio cassette (ac), "Computer Music on Tape: Five Pieces by Larry Austin," DL, LA-R-3, 1990. Program Notes

Protoforms: Fractals for Computer Band (1980); LA;10'; ibid.

Phoenix (1974); LA; 10'; ibid.

Nineteen seventy-six (1973); LA; 16'; ibid.

Quadrants (1972); ACE; ibid.

Primal Hybrid (1972); LA; 11'.

Quartet Four (1971); LA; 8'.

Quartet Three (1971); LA; 12'.

Caritas (1969) ; LA; 30'; lp: Source Records, SR17, DL, 1970.